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Sacramento Bariatric Medical Associates is committed to providing long-term support services to all their patients. The first 1-2 years after surgery is an exciting time, full of changes and health improvements. The next 3-5 years involves maintaining consistency with supplements and gaining more comfort with your new healthy lifestyle. Dr. Machado and her staff are here for you throughout this process. You are a patient for life at Sacramento Bariatric.

Support Group Meetings

Monthly support group meetings are available to all Sacramento Bariatric patients and are part of our program. There is never a fee for our patients to attend these group meetings.

Our support groups are led by licensed mental health providers and are educationally based. The meetings focus on such topics that are applicable to the lifestyle and behavioral changes that patients experience after bariatric surgery. Follow us on our Facebook page for support group reminders and updates.

Support Group meetings are evolving for 2023
Stay tuned for our updated format and schedule

Online Support Group

Sacramento Bariatric Medical Associates has a closed Facebook group that is available to all patients of Dr. Machado. The online support group is an excellent source of support and encouragement that is monitored for content and appropriateness by Dr. Machado and her staff. This is another way to assist our patients and enlist the support of others that are all working towards the same health and weight loss goals.

Contact our office for Online Support Group Access or follow this link:

Nutritional Supplements

The importance of appropriate nutritional supplements cannot be overemphasized. As bariatric patients, you have unique nutritional needs. Both protein and vitamin supplements are required for health, maintenance of weight loss, and avoidance of nutritional deficiencies.

Sacramento Bariatric Medical Associates recommends only the highest quality supplements that are designed to meet the nutritional needs following bariatric surgery.

Dr. Machado has found the most consistent
clinical results with Bariatric Advantage.

Bariatric Advantage Supplements

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